Solución estándar de fosfato, 1 mg/l como PO4 (NIST), 500 ml

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Insure Confidence in Chemical Analysis Results

Para realizar comprobaciones de precisión en determinaciones de fosfato (fósforo)

  • Stop questioning the results of laboratory tests. Regular use of standard solutions can ensure laboratory process control, increase analyst confidence, and help provide evidence of performance to inspectors, regulators, and clients.
  • A standard solution can be used in place of a sample because it contains a known concentration of chemicals or analytes. The analyst can run through a testing process knowing what the final value should be. Standards can be used to establish calibration curves, to determine matrix interferences using standard additions, for control charting, and troubleshooting.
  • When a value is questioned, troubleshooting with standards can quickly pinpoint if, and where, there is a problem. Whether a problem is suspected in the reagents, procedure, instrument, or the analyst, the cause of an inaccurate value can be determined and resolved, saving time and money. Regular use of standards can verify all aspects of a system and alert an analyst to small problems before the entire process gets out of control.