Mc Mag3000

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Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter for the Agriculture Market

The award-winning Mc Mag3000 provides growers and irrigators with a new alternative for flow measurement. With a 5-year meter warranty, a 5-year battery warranty, data logging capability and saddle mount design, the Mc Mag3000 delivers the dependability and ease-of-installation McCrometer has provided to the agricultural market for 60 years.

The state-of-the-art design of the Mc Mag3000 mag meter features robust construction and an angled sensor that sheds debris, making it ideal for use in surface water, dairy lagoons, and other dirty water applications. The electromagnetic sensor measures in multiple locations to deliver ± 2% accuracy.

The Mc Mag3000 is telemetry-ready for easy connection to McCrometer CONNECT™ wireless systems, providing easy access to remote meter data. It is available to fit line sizes from 4 to 12" in diameter.