Sistema de tratamiento UV de alto rendimiento serie ChloRid

Sistema de tratamiento UV de alto rendimiento serie ChloRid
# de producto: CHLORID
Cód.Fabricante: ChloRid
USD Precio: Contacto Hach


Camara de tratamiento : 316L Stainless Steel Material, Ra 32 Electropolish (Ra 15 Optional) Internal Finish, Electropolish External Polish, Operating Water Temperature: 50-104 Degrees Farenheit (10-40 Degrees Celsius), Operating Ambient Air Temperature: 35-100 Degrees Farenheit (2-38 Degrees Celsius), Max Operating Pressure: 150 PSI (10), Inlet/ Outlet Flange Size Inches (MM): 2 (50), 3 (80), 4 (100), 6 (152), Wiper Option: Automatic, Sanitary Fittings: Optional, Din Flanges: Optional
Controlador/Detector: UV G400 Controller, Lamp Status Indicator, UV Temperature Switch 130 Farenheit (54 Celsius), Running Time Meter, Hand/ Off/ Auto, Lquid Level Switch, UV Sensor Standard
Gabinete de Control: UL Type 12 System Rating, Painted Carbon Steel with a Stainless Steel Option, Standard Enclosure High Temp Warning, Dimensions: 48in X 36inX 18in (129.2mm X 914.4mm X 457.2mm)
Maximum Flow Rate: Chlorine Red 95% UVT GPM M3/HR: 1L12: 28 (6.36), 2L12: 55 (12.49), 4L12: 105 (23.85)
Chlorine Red 98% UVT GPM M3/HR: 1L12: 40 (9.09), 2L12: 79 (17.94), 4L12: 149 (33.84)
Number of UV Lamps (MP): 1L12:1, 2L12: 2, 4L12: 4
Requerimientos Electricos: Electrical Supply: 208-240VAC 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 2W + GND with Operating Power of 3500-6500 or 480-277VAC 60Hz, 3 Phase, 4 W + GND with Operating Power of 12500