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Conversion From Chlorine to UV Disinfection in Auburn, Alabama (Case Study)
As part of a plant upgrade, the City of Auburn, AL, decided to convert from chemical (chlorine) disinfection to environmentally-friendly UV.
  English US 375 KB 2015-01 115
Murfreesboro Water Resource Recovery Facility Replaces Its Aging UV System (Case Study)
Driven by the need for increased capacity, The City of Murfreesboro in Nashville, TN decided to upgrade its aging TrojanUV 4000 system, with the TrojanUVSigna.
  English US 292 KB 2018-01 318
Safeguarding Public Health With UV Disinfection in Swansea, UK (Case Study)
To improve treatment performance, and ensure it would have the treatment capacity to meet future population growth of up to 225,000, Swansea WwTW upgraded their disinfection to a TrojanUVSigna.
  English US 1 MB 2015-01 515
UV Disinfection Upgrade for Water Reuse - EWA Beach, Hawaii (Case Study)
As UV lamp technology evolves and design advancements made, opportunities for reducing the cost of disinfection have emerged. Honouliuli recognized an opportunity & upgraded to the TrojanUVSigna.
  English US 1 MB 2018-06
UV Kind of Town, Chicago is (Case Study)
The TrojanUVSigna system at the Terrence J. O’Brien WRP was fully commissioned in 2016, and has been providing effective, reliable disinfection since. The plant was the first among the 10 largest wastewater plants in the U.S. to implement UV disinfection and is now one of the largest UV wastewater treatment installations in the world. In 2017, the UV disinfection project at the plant won the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Illinois Chapter Honor Award, one of the top prizes bestowed by the chapter each year.
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TrojanUVSigna Brochure
TrojanUVSigna incorporates innovations, including TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance.
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TrojanUV Solo Lamp Brochure
The revolutionary TrojanUV Solo Lamp enables high electrical efficiency and reduced lamp count.
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TrojanUVSigna (Folleto)
TrojanUVSigna incorpora innovaciones, como la tecnología TrojanUV Solo Lamp, que reducen el coste total de propiedad y simplifican enormemente el funcionamiento y el mantenimiento.
  Spanish 763 KB 2016-01 1216